We take care of each other
Recommended use of masks
On all types of public transport
use the parking lot
To pick up and drop off passengers
If the stay is less than 10 minutes, the ticket will be exempt from payment
Help us prevent contagion
Disinfect your hands well
We have gel alcohol dispensers at various points within the airport.


Carriel Sur International Airport is a modern airport and has VIP lounges, cafeterias and restaurants. In addition to international police service to attend international flights. It also has transfer services, rent a car and a wide range of taxis to move between the airport, hotels and the city. Learn about the services we have at your disposal:


Carriel Sur International Airport in Concepción is the largest and most important airport in the Biobío Region. It is located in the commune of Talcahuano, just 8 kms. from the center of Concepcion

Location Plans

Know the infrastructure
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  • toilets
  • Emergency exit
    Emergency exit
  • news
  • development
  • baggage claim
    Baggage Claim
  • elevator
  • Withdrawal-luggage-international
    International Baggage Claim
  • cashier-parking
    Cashier Parking
  • entrance exit
    Entrance exit
  • rent-a-car
    Rent a Car / Taxis


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Carriel Sur Airport has a wide range of advertising space for the companies.