Improvements in Carriel Sur will allow it to receive a greater number of international flights

Improvements in Carriel Sur will allow it to receive a greater number of international flights

After completing the first stage of repairs, authorities announced work on the central runway of the air terminal. Investment exceeds $8.200 million.


In order for Carriel Sur to be an alternative to international flights, departure of cargo to other regions and abroad, is that since October of last year they have made improvements to the air terminal. The idea is that it has the same standards that presents the international airport Arturo Merino Benítez, of the Metropolitan Region.

In this sense, the director of Airports of the MOP, Alejandro Castro, together with the director of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (Dgac) in Carriel Sur, Daniel Aravena, They announced yesterday the start of works on the central runway of the enclosure, which seeks to improve security levels to receive more flights, by March 2022.

“This is a key and strategic terminal for the Region and, furthermore, It is the main alternative to the Santiago airport, since its infrastructure and operating conditions allow international flights to be made directly, but that also requires the standards in the infrastructure of an international airport and that is what we are doing”, detailed Castro.

Work in stages

The second stage, announced by the authorities and that exceed $8.200 million, will complement what has already been carried out on the regional airport's alpha runway, which is already completed.

“This important investment, seeks to completely rebuild the asphalt pavement on the Charlie taxiway, regenerating a new geometry that conforms to current regulations. They have been executed in stages, in such a way that it does not interfere with the operation of the air terminal”, detailed Castro.

During the first stage About 64% of the total movement area of ​​the airport was intervened and considered milling and resurfacing of the alpha, in addition to margins along the entire road and other pavement arrangements on the other tracks.

The foregoing, as part of the project called “Standardization and Conservation Movement Area Carriel Sur Airport”, executed by the Airports Directorate of the MOP and that it represented an investment close to $8.000 million.

ILS 3 outage

The works that the Airports Department will carry out in Carriel Sur, “it will interrupt the instrument landing system (ILS 3), given that the intervention on the main runway will affect its operation, which is expected to last until March of next year, or before”, explained Aravena.

For his part, the Public Works Seremi, Víctor Reinoso, indicated that “the conservation and normalization It is fundamental and will allow to promote the economic development of the Region, generating infrastructure that allows us to deliver the conditions to transform Biobío as a logistics platform”.

He added that the new improvements are part of the "Step by Step Plan Chile is Recovering", carried out by the government to reactivate the economy, after the Covid-19 pandemic.